Have you decided to take the next step in your eyebrow game and do microblading? You are not alone! Microblading is definitely a trendy procedure that will be sticking around for the future – which for good reason it should. Microblading not only eliminates time in your morning routine but you will save money and frustration for many years to come. Microblading is safe, not painful, and a very effective way to have semi-permanent eyebrows. This article will explain the steps you will follow during your microblading appointment.

Firstly, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation to address any questions or concerns clients may have concerning their treatment. This we feel is very important so that we can address your needs and inquiries before we get started. Next, we will get clients to do paperwork including, answer health questions and their consents to our procedure. This is to confirm that we are able to perform the procedure, and everything will work well. After, we will perform an analysis of their skin, eyebrow hair, and color swatching to identify the perfect color shade for your brows. Then we will apply an anesthetic cream to the eyebrows area.

Afterward, we will take precise measurements to draw out the shape of their eyebrows to allow them to review and make adjustments. Once the color and shape are decided and approved by the client, the microblading session will begin. Typically, the first microblading session can be between 2 to 2.5 hours, which includes the consultation and paperwork. Let’s dive deeper into each step of the appointment to get a better understanding of what will commence when you walk through our door.

Step 1 – Consultation:

The consultation process will be to get a better idea of what the client wants and to make sure our clients feel comfortable with their decision on getting microblading done in the first place. If you have any questions that you want answers or any concerns you have with the procedure, we will be sure to address these during the consultation.

Your microblading specialist will also talk with you about your lifestyle, the shape of brows you are wanting and any problem areas that you may have. This is where you can show your specialist any photos you might have of similar brows you would like. Bringing a photo for reference is always a good idea so that the specialist can get a better idea of what you like. Depending on the shape of your natural brow, not all photos can be achieved as all face shapes differ. Your specialist will be able to advise you and show you examples of what will work best with your face shape. Basically, everything you need to address will be addressed during the consultation period.

Step 2 – Paperwork

The next step before we go ahead and start the process will be to do the paperwork. We will have you fill out a couple of forms to ensure that you are capable of receiving this procedure. This just gives us some insight information and to protect both of us.

Step 3 – Brow Analysis

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During your brow analysis, it is best to arrive with how you always wear your eyebrows so that your technician can see how you like your eyebrows. This just provides some insight for your specialist. Next, your specialist will remove the makeup (if applicable) and analyze how your natural hair grows in order to ensure a proper result. Once we get the go ahead we will numb your brows.

Step 4 – Numb Your Brows

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Numbing your brows is important so that your experience is not painful. It also works better on numb skin so that the healing process is faster, but you can opt out of this if you do not want numbing cream. The numbing process is about 30 minutes to ensure your brows are good and numb.

Step 5 – We Draw Your Best Brows

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Now is the fun part! We measure out your brows to ensure that they are perfect and that both brows are even. We make sure they are clean before we start the procedure and that they are to your liking. We will then map the shape of your brows out using an eyebrow pencil until we find the look and shape that you are happy with. We will then take before photos to show you the difference once we are done.

Step 6 – Procedure Begins

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Now the procedure will commence. This part is easy as you just have to sit back and relax and anticipate how amazing your brows will look once this part is completed. This procedure can last up to one hour depending on the size, shape, and thickness of your brows. It’s important to limit caffeine intake as you will bleed a little bit. Again, this is completely normal and is part of the reason your eyebrows will last for a long time.

Steps 7 – We Reveal Your Brows

Now you will see how amazing your eyebrows look after we wipe away any excess pigment! This is the best part! We will make sure they are even, and the shape is what you like, and you will be able to walk out of our clinic with amazing brows. No more eyebrow maintenance or makeup wearing off on your pillow. You can wake up and have beautifully shaped and full eyebrows every day!

Depending on your eyebrows and how full and shaped you want them, most procedures require a touch up session to go over your eyebrows and make sure they are the color you want and the fullness that you desire. Depending on the healing process, some of the pigment can peel off depending on how oily your skin is. This is completely normal, which is why we recommend one touch up session at least. Sometimes the color is not as dark as you may want it but it’s important to start out lighter as it is easier to darken your eyebrows that to make them lighter!

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