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Learn Crystal’s signature techniques you can earn six figures with 

Microblading Classes at Crystal Brow Expert


Small & Intensive Microblading Classes in San Jose, CA

Crystal is the Eyebrow Master in San Jose, CA and the Bay Area and has not only transformed 1000s of eyebrows but also trains students in the art of microblading and permanent makeup. If you are passionate and want to learn a skill that can make you $100,000+ per year then apply to Crystal’s next microblading training sessions.

All levels welcome

We offer courses to everyone no matter if you’re just getting started with microbladinf or trying to master your craft in order to  become the best.

Award-Winning Techniques

You will learn the signiture Crystal Brow Expert technique that has been refined and perfected over the years and 1000s of happy clients later.

Create Life-Changing Moments

By learning the Crystal Brow Signature technique you will be able to create amazing brows for your clients and change lives in doing so.


Hands-on learning

All of our training courses are focused around you getting tons of hands-on learning and getting you involved. 

small class sizes

All of our training classes are small in size and therefore you will get constant 1-1 time with your Eyebrow Master Crystal.

earn a six figure income

Once you complete our training courses you essentially have the skills in order to earn a six figure income.



microblading training course san jose

Microblading Master Course

Microblading Training | 5 Days | $2,800

Microblading 5 days course
(2 days theory, 3 days practice on latex skin, and 6 months consultation)
Fee will be $2800 (including study kit worth $500)

ombre brows training

Ombre Brows Master Course

Ombre Brows Training | 3 Days | $2,500

Ombre powder 3 days course
(2 days theory, 1 day practice on latex skin,
including 6 months of consultation)

Fee will be $2500 (including study kit worth $500)

crystal brow - microblading san jose

Eyeliner Master Course

Eyeliner Training | 2 Days | $1,500

Eyeliner 2 days course
(1 day theory, 1 day practice)

Fee will be $1500 (including study kit worth $400)

lipblush training

Lipblush Master Course

Lipblush Training | 3 Days | $2,000

Lipsblush 3 days course
(2 days theory, 1 day practice)
Fee will be $2000 (including study kit worth $500)


Our studnets are able to capture theses life-changing moments with their customers and STAND OUT in sea of before and after pictures…When you leave our Academy, you’ll be Instagram-ready

Microblading Master Course

The Microblading Master Course is our most comprehensive brow program specifically offered to our most ambitious students who are ready to learn the art of microblading and all of Crystal’s signature techniques. 

Ombre Master Course

The Ombre Brows Course will teach you the exact signature techniques used by Eyebrow Master Crystal in order to craft the perfect ombre brows and create eyebrows that last for years.

Eyeliner Master Course

The Eyeline Master course is a hands-on training that will teach you the signature techniques used by Crystal Brow Expert in order to create the perfect permanent eyeliner your clients will love.

Lipblush Master Course

Our Lipblush Master Course is a hands-on training class that will teach you over the course of 3 days Crystal’s signature techniques to craft lips your clients will love.

Proven Techniques & 1000’s Of Happy Clients

Crystal has analyzed thousands of clients’ eyebrows and trained 100’s of students. Now you have the unique opportunity to learn our real world, proven techniques with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step training program designed by Crystal so you can be a great PMU artist and potentially earn a six figure income.


Everything You’ll Get

Starter Kit Introduction
($500 Value)

Live Demonstration by Master Artist Crystal

6 Months of Support

Small Class Sizes
(2 Students Only)

Skills To Earn a Six
Figure Income

Private Training Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in each class?
Seats are limited to 2 people per class.
Do I need to be a licenced esthetician to begin training? Do I need any prior certification of any kind?

No, our classes are open to all levels. To begin practicing in your area, you will need to check with your local county health department and inquire about the licensing needed to perform permanent makeup.

Is this microblading training for me?

This training is for you, if:

  • You are a complete beginner in Microblading and Permanent Makeup
  • You are looking to learn everything about eyebrows
  • You want to learn skills you can earn six figures per year with
  • You are not seeking for shortcuts and taking this craft seriously
  • You are dedicated and have time for studying
  • You want to take the most intense training and are ready to work and practice 
Do I need to pay a deposit to sign up?

To secure a spot for an upcoming permanent cosmetics course we require a $500 deposit.

crystal brow expert san jose, ca

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