Microblading eyebrows is extremely popular and it gives great results, but only if it’s done properly. If you think you will have perfect eyebrows after just one hour in a salon, you are wrong. After the initial microblading treatment and microblading healing period, there is an obligatory touch up session.

In order to understand the importance of the first touch up, think of the treatment as a 2-step process. One can’t go without the other and the treatment is incomplete without the touch up session.

Why Do I Need a Touch Up After Microblading?

Microblading treatment takes some time to heal. During that period, your eyebrows will change. They will be too dark, then they will start scabbing, then they will lose color and you might think your microblading was unsuccessful. The color comes back at the end of the healing period, but sometimes not evenly. Everybody heals differently and some might notice gaps and irregularities after the brows are healed.

The first touch up includes refilling, where the pigment didn’t retain properly. Sometimes, deeper shading is required. The touch up is there to correct all the irregularities and redefine your eyebrows. Its purpose is to fix what got messed up during the healing period.

How Long Does the Touch Up Treatment Last?

It is the repetition of the initial treatment, but only in certain areas that need to be fixed. It usually lasts half the time of the first treatment, or about an hour.

How Long is the Touch Up Healing Period?

The healing period after the touch up is much shorter than after the initial process. It is usually 5-7 days long and it is less complicated than the first one. It doesn’t include as much scabbing (although it can appear) and it is not as emotionally exhausting since the results are visible quite soon.

The aftercare routine is pretty similar  – avoid makeup, sweating, sun exposure, long showers, rubbing and scratching the treated area for a couple of days.

How Much Does the First Touch Up Cost?

The price of the first touch up treatment varies and it depends on the location, reputation and skillfulness of the artist, the popularity of the salon and the quality of the products that are used. At some salons, a touch up is complimentary or included in the price of the microblading treatment.

The average price of the microblading treatment is $400 but it can go up to $1000. When a touch up is not included in the price of the treatment, it usually costs $50-$100.


How Long Do Microbladed Brows Last After the Touch Up?

Even though it is called permanent makeup, microblading  does not last forever. It is only similar to a tattoo, but the pigment is not inserted as deep. that’s why microblading fades away after some time. Microbladed eyebrows last from 1 to 3 years. The factors that affect the longevity of microblading are skin type, skincare routine, lifestyle and the frequency of touch ups.

Do I Need More than One Touch Up?

If you want your microblading to last as long as possible, book regular touch ups. The pigment will definitely start to fade away after some time and the speed of fading depends on your skin and lifestyle.

If you have oily skin, the pigment will naturally fade away faster. However, you can prolong your microblading by scheduling a touch up every six months.

Also, people who spend a lot of time in the sun, in the gym or swimming will probably have to book touch ups more frequently.

Dry skin makes you a perfect candidate for microblading, but it doesn’t mean that your microblading will last forever. Book a touch up once a year to refresh the color and prolong your microblading.

The first touch up is a must and you shouldn’t skip it. Otherwise, the whole treatment can be ruined and you wasted your money. Other touch ups are optional but recommended if you want your microblading to really pay off.

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