Microblading varies depending on the person and the complexion of their skin, therefore, in regard to how long does microblading last it all depends. However, the effects of microblading can range from one year and a half to three years for most of our clients. That is not to say that some people can still have microbladed eyebrows for five years as it all depends on the skin and the pigment used.

You can also go for various touch-ups which will help keep the pigment fresh and keep your eyebrows full for longer.

Once you notice that your eyebrows are starting to fade and they do not look as full and lush, I would highly recommend you to contact us and schedule your touch-up appointment. These touch up appointments don’t take as long and you will already know the drill.

Touch-up appointments are recommended every six months, but some can hold out for one year, which again depends on the oiliness of your skin and how much they have faded.

how long does microblading last

Think of a microblading touch up as a similar appointment for your hair roots. In order for your hair to look fresh, you need to get your roots touched up every so often.

Of course, you do not have to go as frequent, but they still do require a touch up if you want them to look like they were first done. Don’t wait for too long as it is still time sensitive. If you end up waiting years and come back and want a touch up, unfortunately, you will need to get the full appointment done again.

This not only takes a lot longer, but you will have to go through the full healing process, and it will be way more expensive than doing a touch-up session. It’s best to keep an eye on them and do the touch-up process between 6-months to one year for best results.

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You might be wondering if microblading works on a person with oily skin? Yes, you are still capable of achieving incredible eyebrows with oily skin done by microblading. The only thing about microblading done on oily skin is the results might not last as long as someone with dry skin. With high amounts of oil being stowed under your skin, it can make it more challenging for the pigment to hold to your skin.

Again, it all depends on how oily your skin really is. I would advise you to have a consultation and speak to our Microblading Master Crystal regarding this matter as she can suggest different alternatives and can give you an estimate on how long you can expect your results to last.

How to Ensure Lasting Microblading Result?

If you have completed the procedure of microblading, you are probably wondering how long does microblading last and how can one ensure lasting microblading results. One way to ensure lasting results with your microblading treatment is to ensure that they are completely healed and that you follow the healing instructions.

The usual healing process for microblading is between 10 days and two weeks. Please do not rush this process as you want to pigment to stick and settle into the shape of your brows. Your skin will be sensitive around your eyebrows for this time as they are healing. Don’t be alarmed when the skin scabs and starts falling off.

This is completely normal and is all a part of the process. The area will be red and could be a little hot to the touch for a few days but again this is normal.

Do not pick the area and try and avoid scratching. You do not want your brows to get infected as germs could get trapped under your skin. Therefore, to ensure lasting results do not pick the scabs as you are also picking off the color and they will fade faster this way. Try not to get your brows wet during this period and avoid excess sweating.

I would highly recommend taking some time away from the gym during this period or avoid swimming. This just prolongs the length of your eyebrows.

What Factors Will Reduce the Length of Your Results?

As we touched on this a little bit throughout the article, it all depends on the way you let your brows heal and the complexion of your skin. If you have oily skin, your microblading results may differ from someone who has drier skin. If you pick your scabs during the healing process, this will shorten the length of your results.

If you get your brows wet often during the healing process or use moisturizer too often, this can also impact the length of your results. As I said before, try to limit any sweating from happening around your brows and avoid putting moisturizer or anything on them if possible.

There really is no definite answer as to how long the results will last as everyone is different and people’s skin heals differently.

If you follow the instructions of Microblading Master Crystal Brow Expert and you let the brows heal properly, you should have beautiful brows for a long time.

crystal brow expert

To ensure lasting results and to lengthen the period of your microblading brows, I would recommend getting a touch up every six months. If your brows still look good and full after six months, wait a few more months and up to one year. I would not wait too long as you are running the risk of having to complete a full session again.

You can also discuss your eyebrows with Crystal Brow Expert in order to get a plan that is personalized for you so you can maintain your beautiful brows for the years to come. Having healthy skin really impacts the longevity of your eyebrows.

Make sure you are ready for this commitment and you understand the upkeep and what this procedure all entails and in your initial eyebrow consultation session we will go over all the details you need to know in order to enjoy long lasting microbladed eyebrows.

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