The golden question when it comes to microblading – does microblading hurt? Microblading pain is not as bad as other eyebrow treatments such as threading, or one would say even waxing.

Microblading is barrable, especially with numbing cream. If you opt to get the treatment done without numbing cream than the pain might be more substantial. Honestly, if you can handle a little bit of pain, you will find this treatment to be nothing in terms of pain.

The numbing cream is great because it numbs the area around your eyebrows where the procedure will happen, and a lot of people say they don’t feel a thing. It’s important to make sure that your eyebrow area is completely numb before your specialist starts the treatment.

does microblading hurt

Some people shy away from the idea because they think it is the same pain as a tattoo. Although it is a similar procedure because microblading is basically tattooing tiny hairs filled with ink into your skin, the pain is not the same. Just think long term in regard to the end result. Think of the time you will free up from having to maintain your eyebrows every morning.

A little bit of pain should be accepted for the time, money, and frustration you will save from drawing or filling in your brows.

If you can withstand waxing or threading, even plucking sometimes can be painful, then I think you can handle the pain associated with microblading. If you have a tattoo than this pain will be nothing. If you have problem areas around your brows or your brows are not the shape you want them, then you should really consider getting microblading done.

Think about not having to fill in your eyebrows for one year?

Microblading Numbing Cream

During the procedure, most people opt for a numbing cream which in the case of microblading, some specialists will use a triple anesthetic cream which is a very powerful solution more so than your classic non-prescription numbing cream.

Since the procedure includes small incisions in your skin, depending on your pain tolerance, this can be somewhat painful for people. Again, it all depends on your pain tolerance and if you have done anything similar to this in the past.

Different specialists use different numbing creams based on their experiences. Some use a solution that only contains 5% lidocaine, which is not always enough for people with a low pain tolerance. A good numbing cream that is powerful will include lidocaine, tetracaine, and benzocaine.

Many dermatologists will use this cream for different procedures such as Botox and laser.

Each anesthetic works a little differently and will maintain results for a longer or shorter period of time. It is important that your specialist knows how long the anesthetic will work for and how often it needs to be applied. Some only numb for a few minutes and some keep the area numbed for longer.

You might be wondering why your specialist is wanting to start the procedure after only a few minutes of receiving the numbing cream. Again, this is because the cream they are using can set faster due to more powerful ingredients in the cream. Don’t be alarmed as the specialist should know when’s the right time to start.

Microblading Pain vs. Tattoo Pain

Microblading pain vs. tattoo pain is a common question as the procedure for both is very similar. The difference between the two is that microblading is semi-permanent whereas a tattoo is permanent. With microblading, you are not going as deep into the skin as you would with tattooing.

Also, when one gets a tattoo, the artist will use a machine whereas with microblading it is a manual tool. There are not as many needles involved with microblading as there are with tattooing. Also, when microblading you can count on the anesthetic used to numb the area to reduce most of the pain.

There is such thing as getting your brows tattooed but many people would rather do microblading because it is not permanent and if they don’t like it, it is easier to remove. Also, people opt for microblading because the pain is not as strong.

Microblading is more of a natural look whereas tattooing looks more like it has been drawn on. Again, it is a personal preference and it all depends on pain tolerance and what you want your brows to look like.


The main outcome to take away from this article is that the pain is worth the results. If you are someone that can’t handle even a small amount of pain than I would reconsider getting microblading done, however, if you can handle some pain (even though with numbing cream you shouldn’t feel much) then I would highly recommend getting this done.

Not only will you save money from buying eyebrow pencils, but you will save time and frustration every morning from having to redo your eyebrows.

If you are seriously considering getting microblading done and the pain of it all is what’s stopping you, I would reconsider it because you will honestly regret it from the little bit of pain that you will feel. It’s important to think long term results when you are getting any type of permanent makeup done.

Don’t think of the pain because that will only last minutes, think of how beautiful your brows will look for the many years to come!

Once you take everything into consideration, you will realize and appreciate the process and the pain will be the least of your worries. Make sure that you understand the healing process because if you don’t let your brows heal properly then you will have to get more touch-ups, which will endure the same amount of pain.

Really focus on letting your brows heal naturally and try to minimize the use of moisturizers and creams. You don’t want that area to get wet too often or it will prolong the process. The more you adhere to the instructions, the better the outcome will be for you!

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